Friday, 14 November 2008

ETSY ooak junk punk art for sale at last!!!

Finally, I’ve got an ETSY shop! After waiting ages for a credit card, I can now list my items on there and actually sell them! At the moment I am adding some art dolls, but hope to get a lot of my site content into my shop as soon as possible.

ETSY is a really great way to buy and sell unique, hand-made, non-mass produced items which is a great new trend in the horrible, mass-produced world we inhabit. They recently appointed a new CEO who worked for amazon, and are really focused on growing and developing the site, which is already an internet phenomenon. It’s a great site already, very fresh and innovative, but it still has it’s kinks which need to be ironed out.

I would recommend anybody to check out the ETSY site. Whilst it’s based in America, it continues to spread worldwide. It opens up whole new markets for small art sellers and crafters, people who have a passion which can easily be dwarfed by big businesses. There is always innovative new ideas too, unique and one off items, as well as cool variations and customisations on current trends and fashions.

Visit my shop at and have a look around.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

OOAK celtic mythology inspired art dolls

My latest update to my website, , are a few of my ooak dolls. These are hand sculpted and are based on a variety of myths, legens and aspects of wicca, folklore etc. They are the first things I have sculpted using polymer clay, other than a couple of goblins, and i'm really pleased with how they came out. I have used a variety of techniques including large dolls with flexible armatures which can be posed, and more realistic, hard-bodied dolls.