Wednesday, 29 October 2008

My many and strange ART projects

Okay, I make stuff. All the time. Just to give peeps an idea this is a list of all the things I am in the middles of at the mo:
1) An oil painting of some boats
2) Drawing Paul Newman for an art class
3) Making a huge 5 foot sculpture of a faun.
4) Painting a dragon alebrije
5) Sculpting and apple-tree-man ooak figure
6) Sculpting a Hellboy 2 style tooth fairy.
7) Sculpting a goblin from Brian Frouds Labyrinth book
8) Painting another 4 legged alebrije
9) drying out apples to make shrunken heads
10) drying out mushrooms to make mushroom fairys (don't ask)
11) Collecting wood to carve
12) Painting some cups with ceramic paints

This is all I can think of right now but I know a load more will pop up soon I like to be busy! There are numerous long term or halted projects as well, such as stone sculptures and painted t-shirts which I need to finish. Also, when I'm not too busy I draw cartoons:


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