Sunday, 18 January 2009

Great inspiring websites!

Here are some of my favourite websites. Some great and unusual creations !

Bernard Pearson (formerly of Clarecraft) has been creating odd things for close to thirty years. Finding himself somewhat ancient and in need of constant care & attention, he is now sharing his studio with Ian Mitchell, a bright and talented young graduate who shares his taste for the absurd. Together they are creating some of the finest, and we may say, strangest, objet d’art, to be put before collectors old and new.


  1. So is this the work of Ian Mitchell or Bernard Pearson? The Clarecraft pieces were often started by one sculptor and finished by another but are nearly always associated with or attributed to Bernard. Lets hope Ian Mitchell gets credit where it is due.

  2. Yeah I'm guessing it was Ian Mitchell if it's a nerwer one. Same website though, which was the point really.