Friday, 9 January 2009

Steampunk Pictures and digital art

I've been experimenting with creating cool black and white textured images, which look great and especially suited to the aesthetics of steampunk. They appear old, antiquated, unusual and slightly sinister which I love. Steampunk for me is at it's best when it's a bit edgy, dark and mysterious.

I begin by drawing an image on a graphite base. This involves laying down graphite and basically drawing on this using a rubber. It's quite a slow process but I love the effect. I then scan the image, in either black and white (text) format or greyscale.

I can adjust the brightness and contrast to get a more life-like level of shading, but can increase the contrast and make the images darker, for a more photographic effect. I then experiment in photoshop! Here are a few of my results-

This is my favourite so far- The Cthulhupunk:

Check out my website for much more: OOAK surreal and whimsical art

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